About Archive Miyagi

About Miyagi earthquake disaster archive

In order not to forget the memory of the Great East Japan Earthquake, Miyagi Prefecture and its 33 cities, towns and villages, as the self-governing body that has suffered great damage therefrom and also as the main operator of this website, are collecting these earthquake disaster related but might-be-scattered records. We will publish them, hand over to the next generation and make good use as our duty. An open system called “Miyagi Prefecture Disaster Archive” (temporarily) is built up for this purpose.

“Miyagi Prefecture Disaster Archive” (temporarily) is going on digitizing the earthquake related documents (digitizing the data, information, keywords, etc.) collected from all the parts of the prefecture. These documents will not be only saved eternally, but will be enrolled into an archive system and published in the web. By doing so, it may link to various other earthquake related archives provided from the whole country and also send information both nationwide and worldwide, to the prevention of the weathering of the memory. At the same time it also aims at the research of disaster prevention, disaster reduction, disaster-prevention-related-education, as well as the reactivation of the local community. In one word, it has multi purposes and will serve to the people as many as possible.