Terms of Use

1. The link

ž  It is free to link to the portal site of “Miyagi Prefecture Disaster Archive”(temporarily) on principal. Although prior contact is not necessary, you are still  kindly asked to send a mail to the operating office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), the origin of link of URL before access.

ž  Please do not display the whole page of  “Miyagi Prefecture Disaster Archive” (temporarily) in the frame.

ž   In case that contents of the linked homepage are found to be against laws, public order and morals, deletion of the same may be asked, to which please pay attention.

ž   In case you hope to link to the sites other than portal page, please inquire first to the relevant webmasters respectively.


2.  About the Copyright

ž   Individual information (article, picture, illustration, etc.) published in the “Miyagi Prefecture Disaster Archive” (temporarily) is within this copyright. As a compilation, the whole “Miyagi Prefecture Disaster Archive” (temporarily) is also an objective of copyright and protected by the law of copyright.

ž  In case of the secondary use of the documents and/or pictures, etc.(to be referred to as “contents” hereinafter) published in the “Miyagi Prefecture Disaster Archive”(temporarily), persons who want to do so should read first Terms of Use specified in every homepage, contents of which are under the management of cities, towns and villages. Please make good use upon perusal and understanding.


3.  About dealing with personal information

(1)  What is the personal information?

ž   The information that tells the home address, name, phone number, E-mail address, etc., especially the recognition of the specific person(s) through provision of the portal site of “Miyagi Prefecture Disaster Archive” (temporarily) is in the category of personal information.

(2)  About the collection of personal information

ž  It is the principle that the registration of the personal information should be based on his/her own will when such collection is going on through the portal site of “Miyagi Prefecture Disaster Archive”(temporarily). 

ž  At the time of collecting personal information, the purpose of the collection should be stated clearly unless privacy protection is specified otherwise.

ž   In order to achieve the objective of the use, collection of personal information should be carried out within a certain scope.

ž  So far as the personal information extends to the thought, belief, religion, as well as the fear of social discrimination, such collection should be stopped unless privacy protection is specified otherwise.

(3)   About the limit to the use of personal information

Personal information offered/registered by all the individuals should be used as scheduled for a certain purpose within a certain scope. If the use and offer are found to be other than the scheduled purpose, such use and offer will be terminated unless privacy protection is specified otherwise. 

(4)  Management of personal information

ž   Concerning the collected personal information, management of which is strictly carried out and appropriate measures are taken to the prevention of leak, illegal use, distorting, etc.

ž  When the possession of the personal information becomes unnecessary, deletion of which should be carried out immediately and for sure.